Dynamic Programming can be used to optimize problems by breaking it into subproblems and storing those solutions. If we are looking for the ‘nth’ Fibonacci number we can do that recursively like so.

In my last blog I went over recursion. In this blog I’m going to use recursion to write out a sorting algorithm commonly known as merge sort. Merge Sort uses a common algorithm technique called ‘divide and conquer’ to split down the arrays into more easily sortable smaller arrays. Instead…

A recursive function is a function that calls itself. Take for example, the following function that is designed to find out if any numbers in an array happen to be odd.

When we look at code we generally read it from top down. If we want to declare a variable, and have a function work off this variable we would do our declarations on the top of the page like so.

In this blog I’m going to use vanilla JS and ‘setInterval’ to change elements on an HTML page.

First lets go into a coding sandbox (codepen.io for me!) and create an HTML element that we will be changing

That’s all we’ll need in…

In this blog I’m going to go over how to set up mocha testing for a JavaScript file. After you create a new directory, open it with your favorite coding program and follow along.

First go ahead and initialize your package.json …

While searching for my first job in tech, I’ve been looking to expand my knowledge base. One that I’ve come across quite a bit but only recently jumped into is express and node.js as an API. In this blog I’m going to go over getting started with express.

First to…


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